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What’s The Story?

We miss so much. But then, sometimes we get lucky.

Lose the Box

Among popular books on developing creativity, not many include lawyers in their shining examples. Sur­prised? Neither am I, but not because creative people don’t go into law. Many do.

Nurturing Naturally

This Business Owner Uses Parenting Skills to Grow Her Company and Please Clients

Funding The Future

Calculate Fixed/Variable Expenses and Create Accounts to Save for Them

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Schmoozing Law Firm Staff Pays Off in Loyalty and Productivity

Law and Sympathy

Apology Reforms Cost Little But Contribute Much to Clients’ Healing

A Failure of Imagination

Author Suggests the Law Focuses on Legal Harms at Expense of Human Emotions

Living Well

After Beating Cancer, This Lawyer Wants to Bounce Back, Better Than Ever

A Question of Class

White-Collar Lawyers With Blue-Collar Backgrounds Often Straddle Dissimilar Worlds

Temptation to Tally

Change Your Definition of Wins and Losses to Find New Meaning in Your Practice

Becoming Book Smart

Get the Hotel Room That Makes You Happy Every Time You Travel

Keeping Up With The Times

New Conduct Code May Require Judges to Report Impaired Colleagues, Lawyers

Think Big, Start Small

Preparation Is Key When Shifting rial Presentation From Paper to Pixels

Managing Mortality

Survival May Be More Likely for Those Who Face Death While Anticipating Life

A Cash Crisis

Some Lawyers Learn Too Late That Promised Retirement Benefits Can’t Be Paid

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