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Family Planning

A Lawyer-Mom Learns How to Ensure There Is Enough Cash for Kids, College and Extras

A Meditative Perspective

“In this age of unprecedented distraction and information density, every professional needs tools to clear the mind, calm the body and reveal what matters most. It is both a practical…

Courtroom Card Sharks

Reading Reactions, Controlling Emotion Are Among Skills Lawyers Learn From Poker

Finding Calm After The Call

Putting Out Fires All Day? These 9-1-1 Dispatchers Know How to Cope

In Like Company

Some Associates Say the Grass Is Greener at Minority-Owned Firms

Help Writing ‘Help Wanted’

Targeted Ads, Salary Specifics Attract the Right Kind of Applicants

A Long March

Report Says the Legal Profession’s Efforts to Achieve Diversity Still Are at a Crawl

What Not to Wear

There’s an Easy Fix for Even the Worst Fashion Faux Pas

The Parent of All Virtues

If there is a quality or a trait that is common to all happy lawyers, I haven’t found it yet. That’s probably because, unlike Tolstoy’s happy families, lawyers are not all alike, and they find meaning and pleasure in diverse ways that are tailored to their own needs and interests.

Law & Marriage

Like a Horse and Carriage, They Go Together

Recommit to Fit

Law School Packed on the Pounds, but This Aspiring Attorney Can Control Her Weight

A Client’s Perspective

Over the last three years, Daisy Floyd has spent a lot of time reflecting on what it means to be the client of a lawyer. She’s a lawyer herself. In fact, she recently was appointed dean of Mercer University School of Law in Macon, Ga.

Noir’s The Time

ABA Jumps Into the Fiction Book Market With a Murder Mystery

’Tis the Season to Schmooze

This Anxious Attorney Learns how to Work the Jingle Bell Mingle

Take Care of Yourself

Last month I ended my column about a great law firm’s untimely demise with an observation about lawyers in general: Although they are terrific at fighting and ne­go­­tiating on behalf…

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