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Go With the Plan

Plot a Career Course That Includes Your Hopes and Dreams

What’s the biggest travel glitch you endured while globe-trotting?

Kathleen Hopkins

Real Property Law Group


I was a liaison to an ABA commission that met with Justice Stephen G. Breyer at the U.S. Supreme Court. I decided to…

Changing States

Moving to Move Up Might Have Downsides, Like Paying for Parking

In Sickness and In Health

Flexibility Is Key When Covering for a Compromised Colleague

High Fashion, Low Costs

A New Associate Learns the Basics of Building a Better Wardrobe on a Budget

CLE for the Whole Person

Minnesota Supreme Court Gives Full Credit for Classes Emphasizing Self-Reflection

Becoming Kingsfield

Despite the Time Commitment, Adjunct Professors Love the Lectern

Novel Ideas

Scratch a Lawyer and Find a Budding Fiction Writer–These Attorneys Are Itching to Publish

Questionable Causes

Associates Find That All Pro Bono Is Not Treated Equally

Up Close and Personal

Do You Want to Work Out Safely and More Effectively? Try a Trainer

Brave, New World of Partnership

Today, It’s Tougher to Become–and Be–a Law Firm Partner