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Today in Legal History: Lincoln Viewing, Oklahoma City Bombing

On this day in 1865, U.S. Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, diplomats and military leaders paid their respects to President Abraham Lincoln as his body lay in state at…

Today in Legal History: Martin Luther Defiant, Clarence Darrow Born

On this day in 1521, Martin Luther, a German professor and theologian considered the chief force behind the Protestant Reformation in Europe, was called before the Roman Empire’s assembly, or…

Today in Legal History: Sirhan Convicted, Connally Acquitted

On this day in 1969, Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of murdering former U.S. attorney general Robert F. Kennedy, by shooting him during a Los Angeles campaign stop on June 5,…

Today in Legal History: Abolition, Ammunition & Cyberporn

On this day in 1862, in a harbinger of the Emancipation Proclamation issued nine months later, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill ending slavery in the District of Columbia. For…

Today in Legal History: Protestants Protected, Thos. Jefferson Born, Crime Stoppers Hits CA

On this day in 1598, King Henry IV of France signed the Edict of Nantes, recognizing the right of Protestant Huguenots to practice their religion. Extensive details are provided on…

April 20, 1971

School Busing Gets the Green Light

March 22, 1972

Senate Approves Equal Rights Amendment

February 5, 1937

FDR Unveils Court Packing Plan

Rail-Splitter, Tech User

Abe Lincoln embraced innovation to help him do more with less

January 22, 1973

U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Roe v. Wade

December 1, 1955

Rosa Parks Sparks the Civil Rights Movement

When Change Arrived

Two Criminal Prosecutions in the 1930s Helped Transform Hawaii Race Relations

A Man of Many Firsts

Human Rights Pioneer Jerome Shestack Will Receive ABA Medal at Annual Meeting

Troubled Paradise

Debate Over Sovereignty for Native Hawaiians Is Not Likely to End Soon

Miranda’s Reprieve

How Rehnquist Spared the Landmark Confession Case, but Weakened Its Impact

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