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Life Audit

44 ABA Journal Life Audit articles.

The Constant Traveler

This Beach-Loving Michigan Lawyer Considers Investing in a Time-Share

Working in Good Works

A Young Lawyer Struggles to Balance Volunteering With Work and Family

Mutual Appreciation

Inexperienced Investor Learns How to Find Funds to Maximize Her Money

Age Appropriate

Youthful Touches and Proper Tailoring Give 40-Something Lawyer a Suitably Stylish Look

Becoming a Contender

To Avoid a Knockout, This Aspiring Boxer Must Balance Training With His Trial Calendar

Dead Letter Office

A Paper-Saver Must Learn to Let Go Before She Can Organize Her Space

Beach House Bingo

Lawyer Seeks Sun, Fun and a Child-Friendly Sand Castle for his Family’s Vacation

An Abundance of Riches

Wife, Mom and Now Law Firm Partner Must Learn to Relax and Smell the R

Welcome Home

A New York City Lawyer Learns Why Renting Beats Owning, at Least for Now

Business Casual 101

Associate-to-be Learns Dressing Down Is Simply Dressing Up, With a Twist

Had Baby, Want Body

Free Weights and More Water Will Help This Busy Mom Slim Down and Shape Up

Culture by Design

Hispanic-Owned Firm Wants Office’s Look to Reflect its Success–and its Client Base

Exploring Legal London

A New Orleans Lawyer Seeks Historic Sights and Photo Ops During His Jaunt Overseas

A Man for All Seasons

To Fit Everything In, This Overscheduled Attorney Must First Find Balance

Family Planning

A Lawyer-Mom Learns How to Ensure There Is Enough Cash for Kids, College and Extras

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