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Life Audit

44 ABA Journal Life Audit articles.

What Not to Wear

There’s an Easy Fix for Even the Worst Fashion Faux Pas

Recommit to Fit

Law School Packed on the Pounds, but This Aspiring Attorney Can Control Her Weight

’Tis the Season to Schmooze

This Anxious Attorney Learns how to Work the Jingle Bell Mingle

Honeymoon Redux

It’s Always Possible to Rekindle the Magic With a Well-Planned Weekend Getaway

Tech’s Prereqs

The Basics for Solid Courtroom Presentations Are Few and Inexpensive

Funding The Future

Calculate Fixed/Variable Expenses and Create Accounts to Save for Them

Entertaining Style

Finding a Fashion Icon Will Help This Lawyer-Singer Create a Coordinated Look

Living Well

After Beating Cancer, This Lawyer Wants to Bounce Back, Better Than Ever

Business Casual

Cocktails and Light Bites Are Best When Entertaining Colleagues and Clients

Becoming Book Smart

Get the Hotel Room That Makes You Happy Every Time You Travel

Think Big, Start Small

Preparation Is Key When Shifting rial Presentation From Paper to Pixels

When IOUs Can Be A-OK

Don’t Try to Pay Off Low Interest Loans at the Expense of Investing for Your Future

High Fashion, Low Costs

A New Associate Learns the Basics of Building a Better Wardrobe on a Budget

Up Close and Personal

Do You Want to Work Out Safely and More Effectively? Try a Trainer