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Life Audit

44 ABA Journal Life Audit articles.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Tech exec set to graduate from law school ponders whether to enter a practice

Heading into the Home Stretch

With the end of work in sight, a Virginia lawyer brings his retirement up to speed

Speed Trials

This marathon hopeful learns how to go the distance, quickly and safely

Preparing for Re-entry

Lawyer who traded practicing for full-time parenting looks to polish a return strategy

Same Course, Different Direction

A Louisville firm strives to retain its city cachet from its dream office in the burbs

Vacation Base Camp

This Illinois lawyer seeks a vacation spot where he can stay connected to his office

Expansion Plans

This D.C. solo’s awash in work, but can she afford to hire an associate?

Adding Light Motifs

A firm with a brightened-up image wants to give its offices a matching makeover

The Senior Circuit

This Lawyer Wants to Jump-Start His 60s With a Challenging Yet Safe Exercise Routine

Time Travel

A Busy Lawyer Learns Last-Minute Vacations Can Still Combine Adventure and Value

Network Solutions

A San Francisco Solo Seeks to Overcome His Reticence about Rainmaking

When Two Become One

Newly Married Associate Hopes to Build a Future That’s Richer Rather Than Poorer

Code Enforcement

A Chicago Litigator Considers Whether to Require Formal Suiting for New Associates

Weights and Measures

Boosting Health, Stamina Is the Goal of This Time-Crunched Lawyer

Warming Trends

Upholstered Chairs and Framed Art Add Welcoming Touches to a Sterile Office

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