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Blogging Defendant Unmasked

A physician accused of malpractice agreed to a substantial settlement after he admitted on the stand that he was the pseudonymous blogger writing about a trial with striking similarities to…

Med Mal Creates Unlikely Safety Teams

Stereotypically, those injured or killed by medical errors and their family members sue for redress. But some victims and their relatives are banding together in partnership with representatives of the…

8 States Consider “I’m Sorry” Laws for Doctors

Eight states are considering whether to enact so-called “I’m Sorry” laws encouraged by the medical profession. Another 27 states already have such laws in place. They vary by state, but…

Tort Reform Texas Style

New Laws and Med-Mal Damage Caps Devastate Plaintiff and Defense Firms Alike

The Med-Mal Divide

As the AMA Talks Up Damage Caps and Specialty Courts, Solving the Medical Malpractice Clash May Require Bridging the Lawyer-Doctor Culture Gap

M.D. With a Mission

A Physician Battles Against Colleagues He Considers Rogue Expert Witnesses