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How do you calculate damages in injury trials? Longtime expert witness reveals methodology

Estimating what the future would have looked like if an accident had never occurred can seem more like a thought experiment than a scientific process. But there’s a science behind it, says Michael Shahnasarian.

Firm has to face suit accusing it of violating patient confidentiality laws by touting med-mal win

A law firm will have to face a lawsuit claiming that it violated confidentiality laws when it disclosed mental health records about its lawyer client when touting a win in his medical-malpractice case, according to an Illinois appeals court.

Backlash follows lawyer’s recorded celebratory comments about how he won his case

A medical malpractice lawyer who bragged about obtaining a defense verdict, even though a man “was probably negligently killed,” didn’t know that his remarks to colleagues would be recorded.

Med-mal lawyer is accused of trying to extort hospital system

A well-known medical malpractice lawyer in Baltimore has been charged with attempted extortion for allegedly seeking $25 million to keep quiet about what he deemed to be problems with a hospital system’s organ transplant practices.

Racial disparities in maternal mortality are exacerbated by COVID-19

New concerns about maternal risks in pregnancy emerged as COVID-19 plowed its way across the country this year. Maternal mortality across the spectrum shows stunning increases in the United States. The number of deaths has risen while declining in almost every other nation.

Nearly 800 COVID-19 lawsuits have been filed, according to law firm’s tracker

Wondering what kind of lawsuits are being filed in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic? A lawsuit tracker has the answer.

At least 15 states grant lawsuit protection to long-term care facilities during pandemic

The American Health Care Association is leading a lobbying effort to protect nursing homes and long-term care facilities from legal liability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Afternoon Briefs: Book says Kennedy suggested Kavanaugh to Trump; no retrial for med-mal defendant who helped juror

Kennedy suggested Trump appoint Kavanaugh to replace him, book alleges

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy told President Donald Trump in April 2017 that he should consider his former clerk Brett…

Defense bar decries ‘reptile’ approach by plaintiffs’ lawyers

Defense lawyers in tort cases are looking for ways to counter what they describe as an increasingly popular “reptile” approach by opposing counsel.

Afternoon Briefs: Suit filed over chicken sandwich shortage; judge seen as likely SCOTUS pick

Popeyes sued for running out of chicken sandwiches

An East Ridge, Tennessee, man has filed a lawsuit against Popeyes for selling out of its new chicken sandwich. Craig Barr claims…

Neil Armstrong’s family received $6M in secret settlement with hospital that treated him before death

Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s relatives obtained a confidential $6 million settlement for alleged medical errors by the Ohio hospital that performed heart bypass surgery on him before his death in August…

Thomas dissent says SCOTUS should overrule decision protecting military from tort liability

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented Monday when the high court refused to hear the case of a man whose wife died at a naval…

Ex-attorney on the run after failure to report to jail; his mother was found dead

A disbarred Georgia attorney facing 15 years in jail for defrauding clients out of their settlement checks remains on the run after police suspect that he stabbed his 77-year-old mother…

Birth rights: Reproductive justice is a growing practice area

With women’s rights issues sparking a national dialogue, a niche practice area has emerged that is gaining momentum: reproductive justice. The practice area is broad, encompassing issues including forced sterilization and unwanted medical intervention during childbirth.

New suit is filed against dancing cosmetic surgeon, this time for alleged privacy violation

An Atlanta-area dermatologist who posted videos of herself singing and dancing during cosmetic surgery has settled four malpractice suits, including one by a woman who suffered permanent brain damage following…

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