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Lawyers ‘lean to the left,’ study says; which schools, firms and practice areas are most liberal?

Many conservative commentators have aired claims that trial lawyers appear more liberal than the rest of the population, and they overwhelmingly contribute to Democratic candidates.

Is it true? And is…

Lawyer uses $200K in legal fees to make movie about trial win in nursing home med-mal case

Bill Lundy had never made a movie before.

But, inspired by one of the difficult cases he had ever worked on, the Georgia trial lawyer used $200,000 in legal fees…

80-year-old lawyer won biggest case of his career last year

If you think success has eluded you, take heart: There’s still time to succeed.

That’s the lesson in this Desert Sun story about an 80-year old California lawyer who…

Lawyer who read medical document from anonymous sender can’t represent med-mal plaintiff, court says

A lawyer can’t continue to represent a medical malpractice plaintiff after reading hospital documents sent by an anonymous source, a New Jersey appeals court has ruled.

The Somerville, New Jersey,…

Lawyer sanctioned $1M wins stay of collection efforts

A Pennsylvania lawyer sanctioned $1 million for allegedly eliciting banned testimony will get a chance to present new evidence refuting the claim.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court temporarily stayed collection efforts…

Lawyer blamed for reversed verdict feels vindicated by appellate ruling that judge abused discretion

A New York judge erred by reversing a jury’s defense verdict based on claimed misbehavior by a lawyer not directly involved in the case, a state appeals court has ruled.

Judge who sanctioned lawyer $1M says she ‘sabotaged’ the case by eliciting banned testimony

The Philadelphia judge who sanctioned a lawyer nearly $1 million said in an opinion on Wednesday that she intentionally elicited banned testimony from an expert witness and “sabotaged” the case.

Desperately seeking med-mal attorneys; $500K damages cap deters South Dakota lawyers, some say

A South Dakota law enacted in 1976 that was supposed to limit excessive damages in medical malpractice trials may have solved the perceived problem by entirely eliminating many such cases.

Lawyer argues tort case over cow injury is governed by med-mal law

A Texas solo says his unusual argument in a personal injury case is governed by a state supreme court decision on the reach of the state’s medical-malpractice protections for doctors.

Lawyer’s personal assets, bank accounts at risk as opponents seek to collect $1M sanction

Lawyers for a cancer patient’s family are seeking to collect a $1 million sanction imposed on a Pennsylvania lawyer for allegedly allowing an improper reference in a medical malpractice case.

Family of Ebola patient initially not admitted has settled with Dallas hospital

The family of a man whose Ebola wasn’t initially diagnosed by a Texas hospital has settled a potential claim against the facility over his delayed treatment for an undisclosed amount.

Lawyer sanctioned $1M for allowing smoking reference in med-mal trial

A Pennsylvania lawyer has been ordered to pay nearly $1 million in attorney fees for allowing an expert witness to refer to a lung cancer victim’s history of smoking in…

For older women, sex isn’t as important, Portuguese court says, igniting outrage

One of Portugal’s highest courts has reduced compensation for a woman who suffered incontinence and painful sex after botched surgery, saying that sex for an older woman “does not have…

Could Dallas hospital be liable for initial failure to admit Ebola patient? Tort reform a barrier

Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was sent home with antibiotics when he first visited the emergency room on Sept. 25. Could the hospital face liability in a suit by…

Video shows teen isn’t really brain dead, lawyer asserts; revocation of death certificate sought

The family of a 13-year-old California girl declared brain dead after tonsil surgery is seeking to revoke her death certificate, offering a video as proof that she can respond to…

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