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Litigation Finance Cos. Make a Case for Their Industry to Ethics 20/20 Commission

One business that appears to be gaining some traction in the current recessionary climate is alternative litigation financing.

Several representatives of that industry told the Feb 12, 2011 12:29 AM CST

Boies and Panel Agree Firms Should Take the Plunge Into Value Billing

Corrected: When the subject of value billing comes up among lawyers, David Boies says he is reminded of the little boy standing at the edge of a swimming pool telling…

Stuff Abe Lincoln Says: Lawyer-President Gets a Twitter Feed

Just in time for what would have been his 202nd birthday, our 16th president is getting a dedicated Twitter feed.

The tweets from @1865Lincoln, which started appearing today,…

Public Hearing on Judiciary Funding Draws Tales of Courts Begging for Pens, Jury Trials Halted

Corrected: Tales recounted by a parade of witnesses at an ABA public hearing Wednesday painted a disturbing picture of how courts around the United States are being affected by budget…

Hearings on Cash-Strapped Courts, Ethics in Global Legal Marketplace Kick Off ABA Midyear Meeting

How recessionary pressures are affecting access in American courts, and how the regulatory structure for lawyers should respond to globalization and technology are two of the critical issues being addressed…

ABA Halves Dues for Solos

Cuts also made for judges and for lawyers in government and legal services

Rankings to Get ABA Review

The ABA will study how a variety of organizations rank law firms and law schools, though debate on the measure in its House of Delegates proved to be the most…

Immigration System ‘Broken’

A sweeping report by the ABA Commission on Immigration proposes creation of an independent structure for hearing cases involving immigrants facing removal from the United States to replace the Justice…

Ethics 20/20 Eyes Global Change

As the ABA commission on Ethics 20/20 begins to shift into high gear, a co-chair indicated its mission is not to change the world of lawyer ethics but to adapt…

Economy Hurting Diversity

The recession is undermining efforts to achieve greater diversity in the legal profession, says an ABA report released at the midyear meeting.

Bellows on Track for 2012

it is not much of a secret that Laurel G. Bellows will become ABA president in August 2012.

ABA Slashes Dues for Solos by Half

The ABA’s policy-making House of Delegates has cut dues solo practitioners will pay on bills that begin being sent in May by almost 50 percent. The ABA also cut dues…

ABA to Study How Law Firms & Schools Are Ranked

The ABA will study how a variety of organizations rank law firms and law schools. The debate in the ABA’s House of Delegates about the measure proved to be the…

Robinson Nominated as ABA President-Elect

Former American Bar Association treasurer and past president of the Kentucky Bar Association, Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III, has been selected as president-elect nominee at the ABA Midyear Meeting. It…

ABA Urges Congress to Fix ‘Broken’ Immigration System

The ABA’s policy-making House of Delegates this afternoon voted to urge Congress to substantially remake the adjudication of immigration cases.

The measures included recommendations that, if adopted by Congress, would:

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