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ABA Pushes for 1,000-Lawyer Legal Corps

Emboldened by the fact that there is not just one, but two lawyers at the executive branch helm, ABA President H. Thomas Wells Jr. headed to the White House to…

Obama’s Milestone Cited Throughout Bar Diversity Awards Program

The presentation of Spirit of Excellence Awards recognizing the efforts of lawyers to advance diversity in the profession has been a highlight of ABA midyear meetings ever since they were…

76% of Young Lawyers Glad They’re Attorneys, Study Finds

Contrary to all the media reports about lawyer dissatisfaction, a new study of 4,160 individuals who became lawyers in 2000 has found that 76 percent report they are either extremely…

What’s on the Federal Judiciary’s Wish List for the New President and Congress?

The federal judiciary has put together a wish list of issues on which it hopes to get action from the new Congress and the new presidential administration. But the judiciary’s…

More Lawyers Representing the Poor for Free, ABA Study Finds

More lawyers are donating more time to representing the poor for free, a study by the ABA Standing Committee on…

Lawyers Face High Learning Curve During Real Estate Crisis

There’s a new foreclosure in the United States every 13 seconds. So, doing the math, during the 90-minute program “Foreclosing on the American Dream” at the Feb 13, 2009 9:34 PM CST

Righting Wrongs

ABA ethics amendments confirm prosecutors’ duty to disclose new evidence

ABA Announces Nominations

House of Delegates will finalize selections for leadership posts

Hollywood Zingers

Movies and TV portray lawyers without apology

Gathering Facts

ABA to check U.S. and other countries for rule of law

Endorsing Early Treatment

Conditional bar admission aims to encourage timely help

A Lamm Shall Lead

D.C.-based lawyer nominated to be president-elect

Unexpected Truths

Courts confront culture issues, panel says

ABA Expresses Solidarity With Pakistani Lawyers

The ABA’s 555-member policy-making House of Delegates passed a measure late this afternoon expressing solidarity with Pakistani lawyers and judges who have been persecuted by their government after protesting suspension…

ABA Approves Bar Pass Standards for Accreditation

The ABA’s policy-making House of Delegates has concurred in a revision to the Standards for Approval of Law Schools relating to bar passage…

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