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Independent courts are vital to democracy
A free press is necessary for a strong democracy

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”—Thomas Jefferson (1786)

The Importance of Law Day: As lawyers, let’s share our passion for constitutional democracy

In 1957, during the Cold War, American Bar Association President Charles S. Rhyne had an idea. It came to him as he watched reports of the Soviet Union’s annual May…

The Power of Persuasion: ABA Day amplifies collective voice for lawyers in Washington
One Word: Civility

We need to heed lessons of the past and lead efforts to promote civil discourse

New Year, Bright Future: The ABA improves the legal profession and serves its members
Blueprint for success for your practice

New ABA member benefit offers lawyers practice tools at deep discounts

Veterans Day offers lawyers opportunity to aid those who protect our rights and freedoms

Phyllis, an elderly veteran in Wyoming, was disabled, homeless and losing hope. While living on the streets, Phyllis had lost her identification card and all her personal paperwork. As a…

The Power of the Ballot: Lawyers need to be at the forefront in encouraging all citizens to vote

The American Bar Association will mobilize resources and urge lawyers to encourage voting and get involved as poll workers.

Finding the Better Way: Focus for the year will highlight ABA members, veterans, voting, education
The Joy is in the Journey: A year of meeting members, giving back, advancing diversity and inclusion

Deck: Paulette Brown recounts a presidential year of meeting members, giving back, advancing diversity and inclusion.

Protect the Vote, Promote the Vote: New voting laws can infringe on a critical constitutional right
Equal Justice for All: The time is now; the rule of law also applies to the poor
On 50th anniversary of landmark Miranda decision, is it more than mere words?
ABA Day 2016 marks 20 years of advocacy and lobbying for justice on Capitol Hill
"Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent."

That simple truth voiced by Napoleon Bonaparte identifies the key to the success of…

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