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Working together to succeed

Our focus moving forward will be to increase the value of membership in the ABA and offer our members significantly enhanced benefits. As the legal profession evolves, we want to make the ABA an essential partner, working alongside you to help build your practice.

It was a very good year: Research on long-term careers for women tops President Bass’ achievements
Poverty is not a crime

The American Bar Association set up a Working Group on Building Public Trust in the American Justice System and expanded a court monitoring program to curb disproportionate effect of excessive fines and fees on the poor.

Defending the huddled masses

The ABA quickly mobilized to focus attention on the Legal Orientation Program, which provides critical legal information to adults in immigration detention centers. The decision to “pause” the program was rescinded just 10 days after it was announced. The Justice Department will look at the program, and the ABA will watch closely to ensure the study is conducted fairly.

ABA committee diligently and fairly evaluates credentials of federal judicial nominees

Since 1953, the ABA’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary has conducted independent, nonpartisan peer evaluations of the professional qualifications for nominees to the federal bench. The 15-member standing committee is independent of all other ABA activities and is not affected by ABA policies.

The Balance of Power: 2018 Law Day

Law Day is observed annually on May 1 and celebrates the role of law in our society. Events are held across the country on and around that date with the goal of cultivating a deeper understanding of the legal profession and its importance to our nation.

Serving the Profession: The ABA fights for lawyers, legal rights and a better system of justice

In meetings with lawyers around the country, a question I often hear is: “What does the ABA do for me?” My answer every time: More than you realize.

Champions of the rule of law

The ABA’s Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) has made a profound impact on the world and, in doing so, has aided American lawyers.

ABA Legal Fact Check sorts truth from fiction on legal issues

When it comes to the law, the ABA can and should be the definitive source of information. By focusing on timely legal matters in the news, ABA Legal Fact Check uses established case and statutory law and other legal precedents to separate legal fact from fiction.

ABA works to address attorney substance use and mental health disorders

The ABA aims to assure that every judge, lawyer and law student has access to support and assistance on alcoholism, substance-use disorders or mental health issues.

ABA will study, recommend steps to address issue of too many women leaving profession

The American Bar Association is launching an initiative called “Achieving Long-term Careers for Women in Law.” We hope to provide critical data and solutions on the issue of women leaving the legal profession.

Tackling the Homeless Youth Crisis

The American Bar Association believes this is a global civil rights issue, and we urgently need the help of lawyers and legal leaders across the country.

President’s Message: Vision of Success

The future is upon us and never before has there been a more urgent need for the American Bar Association to lead the way toward change in the profession and a better understanding of the rule of law among our citizens.

Fighting the Good Fight: Standing up for our principles is all part of a year’s work

Together, we will keep fighting for our profession, for the rule of law, for our judiciary and our justice system. Thank you for the privilege of serving as your ABA President.

Lawyers demonstrate patriotism through helping others and expanding access to justice

As America celebrates its 241st anniversary, we, as lawyers, should reflect on the vital role our profession has played in the building, governance, and preservation of our democracy.

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