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Supreme Court justices get around-the-clock security after leak of draft abortion opinion; 25 state AGs call for action

U.S. Supreme Court justices began getting around-the-clock security last week, as protesters who fear an end to abortion rights gathered outside the homes of conservative justices.

State AG probes Texas Bar Foundation for allegedly aiding ‘mass influx of illegal aliens’

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has opened an investigation into the Texas Bar Foundation for “possibly aiding and abetting the mass influx of illegal aliens,” according to a May 6 press release.

Most Americans want to see changes in elections, new ABA civics survey finds

With the highly anticipated midterm elections about six months away, the ABA is offering some insight into the minds of potential voters. The ABA 2022 Survey of Civic Literacy found that 80% of 1,000 respondents from around the country favor expanding the hours at polling places.

Refugee lawyer describes harrowing invasion of Ukraine

A Ukrainian lawyer described the harrowing scenes she witnessed after the Russian invasion, telling an ABA panel on April 7 that she was forced to flee her country with her three young children and leave behind her husband.

New York attorney general asks court to hold Trump in civil contempt, fine him $10K per day

New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked a state court judge to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt and fine him $10,000 per day until he turns over subpoenaed documents in her civil probe of his business.

Law Schools’ Impact on Justice: U.S. legal education advances rule of law around the world

“World leaders getting a degree in the law should not be surprising. Many in key positions in corporations or media and many other professions have studied law. Leading a country is just another area in which the skills attained in law school can be beneficial,” writes ABA President Reginald Turner. “Our nation’s law schools have played and will continue to play their role, particularly when it comes to training foreign lawyers and educating potential world leaders. It is an often overlooked but vital component of U.S. efforts to foster an adherence to the rule of law throughout the world.”

A diverse judiciary ‘bolsters public confidence in our system,’ says SCOTUS nominee Jackson

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson spoke about why it’s important to have diversity in the courts in response to a question Wednesday at her confirmation hearing.

Top UN court sees no evidence to support Russia’s claim of Ukrainian genocide, orders halt to invasion

The United Nations’ top court on Wednesday told Russia to halt military operations in Ukraine in interim “provisional measures” that are issued before a case is formally heard.

Ukrainian bar leaders share experience on the ground amid Russian invasion

As Russia began its attack on Ukraine in late February, the Ukrainian Bar Association also leaped into action, issuing statements condemning the violence, calling on international leaders to impose sanctions on the Russian government, and mobilizing its members to assist refugees fleeing to nearby countries.

Rule of law defense is needed amid ‘storm clouds’ at home and abroad, says ABA President Reginald Turner

While ABA President Reginald M. Turner remains hopeful the sun is rising on the rule of law, he told the ABA House of Delegates on Monday that “storm clouds increasingly appear on the landscape.”

Outcomes in state supreme courts aren’t as simple as blue vs. red

Most of the spotlights are on the U.S. Supreme Court when it comes to legal cases that impact civil rights. But state supreme courts are the final arbiters of what each state's own constitution dictates.

ABA and 2 former ABA presidents to be recognized for promoting rule of law

The World Jurist Association is recognizing the ABA and past ABA presidents Patricia Lee Refo and Hilarie Bass for their work to promote the rule of law in a ceremony today in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Poland is fined nearly $1.2M per day in battle with EU over judicial independence

The European Court of Justice on Wednesday fined Poland nearly $1.2 million per day because of the country’s refusal to abolish a judicial disciplinary body viewed as a tool to pressure judges to rule in accord with government views.

ABA urges Supreme Court to rule US can sue to block unconstitutional Texas abortion law

Texas “undercut the rule of law” when it passed an unconstitutional abortion law intended to evade court review, the ABA said in an amicus brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

ABA Commission on Immigration offers students ‘hands-on’ experience with people in detention

“A lot of people frequent the hotline, so you build a relationship with these callers who are really trying their best to understand the process,” says Emma Yznaga, who was an intern with the ABA Commission on Immigration’s Detention and Legal Orientation Program Information Line for four months.

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