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New Argument: Beware of Bloggers

Lawyers for I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby Jr. argued against release of letters in his support on the ground that the authors would be subjected to ridicule on the Internet.


Lawyer Seeks New Trial in Sex-Cash Case

A Texas lawyer will seek a new trial following his theft conviction for pressuring men for money after they had sex with his wife, who is also a lawyer.

San Antonio lawyer Ted Roberts will argue in his new trial motion that the charges proved by prosecutors did not match those in the indictment, Texas Lawyer reports.

Last week Roberts was sentenced to five years in prison for the crime.

Lifetime Internet Ban Overturned

A federal appeals court has overturned a lifetime ban on Internet use imposed on a man who pleaded guilty to receiving child pornography.

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in Philadelphia ruled the sentence violated a statute that requires post-prison restrictions on defendants to be narrowly tailored, the Legal Intelligencer reports.

Doubt and DNA

In a Case About New Evidence, High Court Looks to the Future of Innocence Claims

A Parent in Prison

States Slowly Beginning to Help Inmates’ Children and Advocates Say its Overdue

Open-Booker Test

In Bids for Resentencing, White-Collar Criminals Want Review of Loss Figures

Evidence and Doubt

High Court Will Weigh Those Issues in Capital and Search Cases This Term

Battle of the Expert

A Forensic Pathologist Successfully Fights Criminal Charges Stemming From His Testimony in a Shaken Baby Case

Inching Away From Death?

Ineffective-Assistance Rulings Show High Court Wary of Lawyering in Capital Cases

The Bible Tells Them So

Making Biblical References at Trial May Be Grounds for Revers

Exposing Injustice

Lawyer Turns Documentary Filmmaker to Champion Rights of the Wrongly Accused

Wait and See

ABA Urges Congress to Give Advisory Sentencing Guidelines a Chance to Work

Rethinking Sentencing

Recent High Court Decisions Give Congress a Chance to Test Kennedy Commission Ideas

Future Factors

After Sentencing Rulings, Many States Are Poised to Revamp Their Systems

Guidance on Guidelines

In Seeking Answers to Sentencing Chaos, Judges Look to Scalia and to Kansas

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