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Risky Business

Wisconsin Court’s Risk Analysis May Be Last Hope for Lead Paint Plaintiffs

Who Pays Hefty Hospital Tabs?

Suits Claim Tax-Exempt Status Creates Duty to Provide Affordable or Free Care for Needy

More than Just Peanuts

High Court’s Pesticide, Stock Market Cases Test Whether Federal Regulations Bar Suits

Konichiwa, Bengoshi!

Japan Is Set to Relax Foreign Partnership Rules, and Competition for Mergers Is On

It’s Location, Location ...

Some Consider Geolocation Technology a Way to Settle Internet Disputes

Foolish Like a Fox

War Crimes Defendants Who Represent Themselves May Seek a Soapbox

IRS Gets Tools In New Law

Tax Bill Has Corporate Focus, But Individual Taxpayers Also Will Be Affected

Flip Sides

California Marijuana Law Tests High Court Conservatives’ Commitment to Federalism

A Win-Lose Situation

Tax on Attorney Fee Can Force Plaintiffs to Pay More Than They Are Awarded

Cautiously Corporate

In the Sarbanes-Oxley Era, Lawyers Still Go In-House But Enter Carefully

Closing the IP Gender Gap

In a Male-Dominated Practice Area, Women Lawyers Begin to Gain Ground

Summary Time Blues

Although Hailed for Speeding Settlements, Summary Jury Trials Still Seek Acceptance

Menu: Wine, Beef and Pot

Supreme Court Fare Ranges from Internet Liquor Sales to Drug-Sniffing Dogs

A Dangerous Assessment

In Capital Cases Some Predictions of Violence Don’t Come True, Study Shows

Guidance on Guidelines

In Seeking Answers to Sentencing Chaos, Judges Look to Scalia and to Kansas

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