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When Clinical Trials Fail

Case Favoring Cancer Research Center May Be First of Many in Brave New World

Avoiding Lawrence

Courts Considering Last Year’s Major Gay Rights Ruling Are Treading Carefully

Spreading The Money Around

Changes to Campaign Financing Laws Boost Legal Profession as Biggest Donor

Truth To Tell

Attorneys for a Murder Suspect Say Brain Fingerprinting Proves His Innocence

Pacific Overtures

U.S. Firms Find the Asian Legal Market Tough to Crack

Too Much Information?

County Clerks Tussle With Nervous State Officials Over Posting Court Records Online

Gambling On Casino Cases

Compulsive Rollers Are Suing the House, Betting That Courts Will Find Casinos Liable

Executive Decisions

Supreme Court Considers Presidential Power’s Limits in War on Terrorism

Zoning Gets Religion

Land-Use, Prisoner Cases Likely to Revive Dispute Between Congress and High Court

Train of Heartbreak

Suit Seeks U.S. Restitution for Property Taken From Hungarian Jews in the Holocaust

Feasting On Festo

A 2002 Ruling Gave Companies a Road Map for Designing Around Patents

Erisa Again

High Court Takes Another Look at Pre-Emption in HMO Disput

Debts and Taxes

Student Loan Case Will Determine Whether Debtors May Discharge State Obligations

Corporations in Line of Fire

International Prosecutor Says Corporate Officials Could Face War Crimes Charges

Enforcing Morality

Court Again Tackles Adult Content Restrictions and the First Amendment