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Courts aren’t for ‘performative litigation,’ judge says, as he sanctions Trump lawyers for conspiracy suit

A group of lawyers are facing sanctions for their representation of former President Donald Trump in a conspiracy lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and several others.

Military lawyer abducted war orphan when she arrived in US with guardians, suit claims

A legal dispute between an Afghan couple and a U.S. military lawyer centers on a child who was about 2 months old in September 2019 when she was injured and her family was killed in a U.S. military operation in rural Afghanistan.

2 law schools change names because of namesakes’ notorious pasts

Two law schools are officially changing their names after learning more about their namesakes’ long-ago conduct.

Ex-deputy attorney general in Virginia sues former colleagues for defamation

Disability law protects people with gender dysphoria, 4th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with gender dysphoria, which describes the condition in which a person experiences distress because of a conflict between their biological sex and their gender identity.

Virginia project hopes inmates recognize cold-case victims on playing cards and offer information

As part of a new project launched by the Virginia attorney general’s office and its partners Thursday, people who are incarcerated at the Richmond City Justice Center in Virginia will receive a special deck of playing cards that features information about unsolved murders.

Little-known lawyer advised Trump on firing acting AG, lawyers in White House counsel’s office

A little-known lawyer advised former President Donald Trump on how he could overturn the 2020 presidential election results with the help of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Judge who wasn’t satisfied with plea deal kicks entire prosecutor’s office off the case

Two groups are asking the Virginia State Bar to consider filing ethics charges against the Loudoun County commonwealth attorney after a judge removed her entire office from a burglary case.

Feds search home of former DOJ lawyer who tried to help Trump overturn election

Federal agents on Wednesday searched the suburban Virginia home of former U.S. Department of Justice lawyer Jeffrey Clark, who was involved in efforts to help then-President Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Lawyer reprimanded after he used profanities while declaring himself best advocate in courtroom

Updated: A Virginia lawyer has been publicly reprimanded after allegedly using profanities in an email to a probation officer who miscalculated sentencing guidelines for one of his clients.

2 law firms add dozens of lawyers through mergers with smaller firms

Two larger law firms have announced mergers with smaller firms that add dozens of lawyers and expand their footprints.

Many federal courts ease mask requirements; judges often retain discretion in their courtrooms

More than a dozen federal courts have eased or dropped mask requirements since the beginning of March.

Law students in this state would be allowed to take bar exam after five semesters if bill wins approval

The Virginia House of Delegates on Friday passed a bill allowing students at approved law schools to take the bar exam after completing five semesters of full-time study.

Lawyers in 2 states sanctioned over association with national bankruptcy law firm

Updated: Lawyers in Iowa and Virginia have been sanctioned for their association with a national bankruptcy law firm accused of using high-pressure tactics to sign up clients.

Weekly Briefs: Biden describes 4 potential SCOTUS nominees; US liable for over $230M in church shooting

Biden does ‘deep dive’ on ‘about 4’ potential SCOTUS nominees

President Joe Biden told NBC Nightly News on Thursday that he has done a “deep dive” on “about four” potential…

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