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Law Practice

Media Spotlight Suits O.J. Lawyer

First Amendment

Judge Allows Students’ Hitler Youth Buttons

Law Firms

A Holland & Knight First: Black, Female Leader

Criminal Justice

Delaware State U. on Lockdown After Shooting

U.S. Supreme Court

Roberts ‘Unrecuses’ in Stoneridge Case

In-House Counsel

Apple CEO, Law Firm May Play Role in GC Case

Law Firms

UK Firms Not in a US-Merging Mood

Criminal Justice

Lawyer ‘Totally Taken Aback’ by Missing Money

Law Firms

Bias Suit Claims Cozen Promotes ‘Compliant’ Women

Civil Procedure

Poof! ‘God’ Answers Suit, Asserts Lack of Jurisdiction

Civil Rights

1000s Protest in Jena (and Elsewhere)

Law Practice

Indicted Milberg Founder Vows to Fight

Tort Law

Simpson Sidelight: Offshore Accounts??!!

Law Schools

Chancellor: I Bungled Chemerinsky Hire

Law Firms

Cadwalader Boosts Bankruptcy Practice

Law Firms

US: Milberg Weiss Firm Was ‘Racketeering Enterprise’

Law Professors

NYU Law’s Dworkin Wins $750,000+

Family Law

Time Served, Preacher’s Widow Gets Supervised Visitation

Criminal Justice

Fundraiser Accused of $60 M Ponzi Scheme

Criminal Justice

Pain-Patient Pardon Ends 25-Year Term

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