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Behavioral Experts Denounce Interrogation Abuse

Public Information

Public Access ‘Robin Hood’ Wants Case Law Free

Legal Ethics

Editorial Hits ‘Kentucky Trial Derby’

Tax Law

Lose Home, Pay Taxes

Attorney Fees

Malpractice Deal Revealed

Securities Law

Ex-CFO’s SEC Deal Fails

U.S. Supreme Court

Recusal Watch in Investor Case

Law Firms

Skadden Tops Corporate Counsel Lists


Bye-Bye, Billables


Court Mulls Release of Wiretap Rulings


Indicted Appeals Judge Suspended

Immigration Law

Immigrant Activist Arrested, Deported


Wiretap Law Gives Broad Power

Media & Communications Law

Court Criticizes, Lawyer Has No Remedy

Consumer Law

Bank to Repay $4.5 M in Credit Card Fees

International Law

Cops Plead in Apartheid Underpants Case

Tort Law

Stutter Study Settlement is $925,000

Criminal Justice

Polygamy Cases Fizzle; Religious Bias?

Legal Ethics

Judge: Spector Lawyers Violated Rules

Criminal Justice

ID Theft Ring Focused on Forbes 400

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