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Bingham Offers Associate Buyouts

Family Law

Is Florida Paternity Register Working?

Legal Ethics

Lawyer Jailed for Extorting Wife’s Lovers

Law Practice

Skadden to Advise Virginia Tech Panel


CA: Outgunned by Gangs, We Need Feds

Law Firms

Big Labor Boutique Raids Orlando Rival

Election Law

Rival Outfoxed by PA DA’s Ballot Move

Law Practice

Case: E-Mail Could Mean Fatal Conflict, Absent Appropriate Disclaimer

Paralegals/Legal Assistants

Paralegal Pleads Guilty to Escrow Thefts

White Collar Crime

Ex-Enron Executive Sentenced

Criminal Justice

ACLU: Botched Executions Need Scrutiny

Family Law

Judge Ups Wife’s Divorce Ante to $184 M


N.J. Judge Apologizes in Ethics Probe

Criminal Justice

Libby Gets 30-Month Sentence

Tort Law

Lawyer: Prosecutor’s Fatal DUI a Liability Issue for County

Legal Information

New Site Will Rate Lawyers

Death Penalty

Missouri Lethal Injections Upheld

Criminal Justice

Ex-Klansman on Trial for 1964 Kidnapping

Criminal Justice

Libby Arrives for Sentencing


Rookie Judge Reportedly Investigated

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