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International Law

Miles, Pints Remain Legal UK Measures

Law Firms

MBA Manages 250-Lawyer Practice Group

Legal Ethics

Shackled Fen-Phen Lawyers Seek Release, Judge Says No

Government Law

Releasee’s Car Crash Costs City $1.8 M

Prosecutors & Public Defenders

Starting at $40K, FL Jobs a Stepping-Stone

Government Law

Judge Tosses Calorie-Posting Rule

Personal Lives

Law Prof Succeeds Despite Schizophrenia

Banking Law

Suits Follow Mortgage Meltdown

Tort Law

Gay Marriage Blurb Brings Suit

Death Penalty

NY Justices Weigh Death Penalty

Criminal Justice

End of Era: Chicago Mob Murder Case

Trademark Law

It’s My Trademark, Bon Jovi Says


Paris Hilton Hot Over Hallmark Card

White Collar Crime

Guilty Plea in Tax Shelter Case


Did New Law Help Terorrism Probe?

Attorney General

House to Probe Governor’s Prosecution


NASCAR Logo Settlement Reached

Tax Law

IRS Acts After Law Firms Seek Extension

Trials & Litigation

Politics on Trial Along With Oil Man

Law Firms

Two Old Firms Struggle With New Paradigm

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