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U.S. Supreme Court

Rare Unanimity in Traffic Stop Case

Government Law

More Missing White House E-mail; Official Cites ‘Extensive’ Violations

Criminal Justice

White Lawyer Takes Misdemeanor Plea; Black Youth Faces 20-Year Prison Term

Civil Rights

ACLU ‘Juneteenth’  for Florida Ex-Cons

Tax Law

Filing Error Costs Gov’t $100 M Tax Bill

Constitutional Law

Plaintiff is Top Judge; Who Hears Appeal?

Tort Law

Duke Settles With Players in Rape Case

Tort Law

Lawyer Rankings Rankle, Suit Results


Judge: Phil Spector’s Lawyer in Contempt

Law Practice

‘Phenomenal Year’ for Florida Lawyers

Family Law

Authorities: Happy Father’s Day ... Not


Ex-Enron Executive Sentenced

Criminal Justice

Lawyers Watch—and Judge—Legal Dramas

Criminal Justice

700 Arrests in Global Pedophile Ring

Lawyer Pay

Bonuses Pay Off for Legal System


Defense Lawyers Citing DOJ Firings

Law Practice

The Washington Web of Lawyers

U.S. Supreme Court

Court Finds No Jurisdiction in Energy Appeal

U.S. Supreme Court

Passenger May Challenge Traffic Stop

U.S. Supreme Court

Antitrust Ruling Favors Wall Street

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