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Law Firms

Duane Morris Opens Offices in Vietnam

Animal Law

Cockfighting Soon Illegal in 50 States

Death Penalty

St. Louis Prosecutor: Right Man Executed

Internet Law

The Day the Internet Music Dies


‘F’ Word Makes Bench a Hot Seat


Padilla Prosecution to Rest

Lawyer Pay

Big Salaries Not in Big Picture


Panel Urges Censure for N.J. Justice

Attorney Fees

Flummoxed by a Fee Footnote

Law Firms

Big Firms Rise in IP Survey


‘Look to Libby’ Plea Loses

Attorney Fees

Defense Tab: At least $10 M

Criminal Justice

Paris Hilton Jail Perks Probe Launched

Constitutional Law

Irked Judge Upholds Libby Commutation

Real Estate & Property Law

New Housing Rules Hit Katrina Victims

Constitutional Law

Mistrial in Rape Trial With R-Word Ban

Health Law

Now Outsourced to India: Child-bearing


Spector’s Ex-Lawyer Says She Will Testify

Consumer Law

Form Contract Puts Sprint in Class Action

Internet Law

Landmark Google Suit Over Foreign Ads

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