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Legal History

Chicago 7 Trial Sketches Spark Memories

Law Firms

Study: More Men Go Into Solo Practice

Federal Courts

Hearing Transcripts to Go Online

Real Estate & Property Law

August Foreclosures Soar

Law Schools

Stanford Class for Laity: Think Like Lawyer

Criminal Justice

PI Lawyer Plea: $1.3 M, Up to 15 Years, in $13 M Fraud Case

Criminal Justice

Judge’s Noise Punishment Fits Crime


Thrillers Pave Unlikely Path to Success

Attorney General

Mukasey Backed Terrorism Fight

Law Firms

Squire Sanders Adds 4 Greenberg Lawyers


Judge’s ‘Incessant’ Questions Cited in Reversal

Trials & Litigation

Lawmaker Sues God

Attorney Fees

Possible O.J. Legal Fee is Half a Million

Criminal Justice

U.S. Prosecutor Arrested in Child Sex Sting

Law Firms

Perkins Coie Settles Malpractice Suit

Law Schools

Yale Profs Lose Military Recruiter Appeal

U.S. Supreme Court

Toobin Dishes Dirt on Supreme Court

Real Estate & Property Law

Clotheslines Entangle Homeowners in Legal Disputes

Environmental Law

Car Public Nuisance Suit Tossed

Criminal Justice

Lerach to Plead Guilty

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