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Criminal Procedure

Rape Victim Sues Judge Over R-Word Ban

First Amendment

Prisons Tossing Religious Books


Family Secrets Verdict to Be Announced

Law Firms

Big Firm Tech Spending Up

Criminal Justice

35 La. Deaths: Nursing Home Owners Not Guilty

Attorney General

Olson Strong Contender for AG

First Amendment

3rd Circuit Weighs Indecency Fine

Attorney Fees

Top Broadcom Lawyer Charged up to $850 an Hour

Law Firms

Partner Transfers Beef Up NY Offices

Legal Ethics

Big-Name PI Lawyer Sentenced for Bribing Judges

Supreme Court

18-Year Terms for Justices?

Law Firms

Vegas Firm Adds White-Collar Defense Practice

Attorney General

Congressman Claims DOJ Race Bias


Lawyer Who Withdrew ‘Torture Memos’ Speaks Out

U.S. Supreme Court

1940s Justice Influences Terrorism Cases

Tort Law

San Diego Church Settlement: $198 M


Lawsuit! is a Game to NY Lawyer

Law Students

Coalition Seeks to Change Big Law Firms

Legal Ethics

Plagiarizing Lawyer Sent to Law School

Civil Rights

‘Pee-In’ Tests New WA Restroom Law

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