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Air Conditioner Ban Makes Residents Hot in One Illinois Town

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Right now, violators will only be warned by Addison authorities. But starting next year residents of this suburban Chicago town face a fine of up to $500 for putting a window air conditioning unit in their homes, if it is facing the street or within 12 feet of the street on a side wall.

The new ban is intended to beautify the city, reports the Chicago Tribune. However, it has made a number of residents hotter under the collar, and not only because of a lack of cool air from newly banned air conditioners.

“The maintenance man told us about this a few weeks ago,” said Ricardo Alcantar, who lives in a top-floor apartment in which the living room is still nice and cool due to what is now an illegal air conditioner installation. “It doesn’t seem right. What are my kids going to do when it’s too hot to go outside?”

Village officials say it may be possible for some residents to get hardship exceptions.

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