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NBCE shares examples of what questions for new bar exam could look like

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Examples of two question types expected to be on the NextGen bar exam were released Tuesday by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

One sample set presents brief fact patterns with multiple-choice questions; answers center on which legal topic or search terms apply, or legal judgment. An example presents a hypothetical about a search and seizure, and asks test takers which two topics they should research and what sort of motion they would want to file.

The other shows examples of “integrated” questions, which include a fact scenario and other offerings to use for answers, such as statutes, judicial opinions and police reports. Those are multiple-choice or short-answer questions. For instance, a sample question involving a hurricane asks users what remedies might be available to a client when it comes to landlord-tenant, civil and other areas of the law.

Examples of both sample sets are on the NCBE website.

A third question type, which hasn’t been released yet, is modeled on the current version of the Multistate Performance Test, according to a Tuesday news release. The new exam is set to launch in 2026, the release states.

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