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Do you eat healthy meals during your workday?

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A survey by Seamless Corporate Accounts, an online food-ordering service, looked at its ordering data and found that the legal industry is 60 percent more health-conscious during the summer months than other industries.

“Once the warm weather comes around, lawyers are ordering a lot more kale, salmon, and whole grains than their counterparts in other fields,” according to a press release. “In addition, their orders of acai bowls spike up 188 percent during the summer.”

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Do you eat healthy meals during your workday? Do your eating habits change for the better during the summer months? Are you eating more healthy foods now than you were a few years ago?

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Featured answer:

Posted by LJS: “You can’t. [Aldert] Vrij and other psychologists have put all these methods to the test—best result was marginally better than flipping a coin. Add to that good-faith error, perception problems, and post-event memory contamination that we know well from eyewitness ID and knowing the objective truth from anyone’s subjective recall is very hard. Takeaway: Be humble about your ability to detect lies, you are probably wrong as often as you are right.”

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