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Has Being a Lawyer Presented Any Dating Challenges?

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“To find a partner through online dating is not so easy: to date a lawyer can be much more difficult.” That’s part of the press release pitch for DateLawyer, a new dating site for lawyers “as well as others who are interested in singles in the legal industry.” (While DateLawyer says it’s the “first personals dating site dedicated to lawyers dating,” we’re also aware of and Law Date.)

The site was brought to the attention of Lisa Salazar at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, who writes that she tends to run into the same futile scenarios with men once they know she’s a lawyer.

“Over the years, both my sister (she is a solo IP attorney) and I have learned to not tell the men that we meet that we are lawyers,” Salazar writes. “It either intimidates them or little dollar signs start flashing in their eyes. Or, you get the Zorro types who look upon you like you are some sort of Catherine Zeta-Jones who is ready to duel. And the battle of wits turns them on. Sadly, if you are like me and don’t like to argue, it is fun for a little while, but then it just turns into constant bickering.”

What we want to know, from those who did not (or have not) met their spouses before passing the bar: Are there dating challenges that lawyers face that other professionals don’t? What have your experiences been? Is a lawyer dating site the answer, or would you yourself not want to date another lawyer?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Mary D: “I once had laryngitis and went to court anyway. I did a whole oral motion argument in a hoarse whisper. The client thought I was the best thing ever, a real warrior, but the judge thought I was crazy. The judge was probably right.”

Updated Jan. 4 to clarify the status of other online dating sites for lawyers.

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