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Have You Ever Had to Deal with a Workplace Bully?

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We learned in the ABA Journal’s February story “No Putting Up with Putdowns” that workplace bullies are the targets of an increasing number of state laws and may be more likely to face lawsuits.

That made us wonder …

What’s your most memorable experience dealing with a workplace bully? And how, if at all, did you deal with the bully?

Answer in the comments section below.

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Our Favorite Answer From Last Week:

Posted by Aaron Martin: “In handling a divorce case several years ago, the husband, my client, claimed that his wife was having an adulterous affair. The wife denied this, even in court pleadings. Opposing counsel was to send me discovery via e-mail. Apparently he sent everything, because I received his handwritten office notes of a meeting with his client in which the client admitted to the affair and stated the name of the paramour. Although we didn’t disclose our knowledge (we did not have to under the ethics rules in place at the time), we knew throughout the case that we had an ace up our sleeve if she would push too hard for alimony.”

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