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Each year for the last decade, we’ve asked you to help us select the best 100 legal blogs. Now, we want your help as we expand our scope to include other forms of electronic media.

While we still want to hear about the legal blogs that regularly pique your interest, the Web 100 will also include your valuable input on the best law firm websites, social media and podcasts.

Go to this page to submit your Web 100 Amici.

With law blogs, as in the past, we’re primarily interested in:

    • Those in which the author is instantly recognizable in the legal field or studying law in the vast majority of their posts.
    • Those that offer insights into the practice of law and would be of interest to both legal professionals or law students.
    • Those in which the majority of content is unique and not cross-posted or lifted from other publications.

When nominating law firm websites, here’s what we’re looking for from you:

    • Is the website beautifully designed, and as easy to use from a mobile device or tablet as a desktop?
    • Is it user-friendly so a client can easily find the information they need?
    • Does the website have innovative features you’ve not previously seen on similar sites?
    • Does your overall experience with the site hold your interest in the firm and its lawyers?

For social media, here’s what we want you to tell us:

    • Who are the legal “rock stars” with an outsize presence and following on some of the medium’s biggest platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?
    • Do you follow someone who consistently produces bright writing—even in 140 characters or less—or succinct analysis, breaking news or new viewpoints? Does their content make you laugh, think—or both?

With podcasts:

    • Does the podcaster provide insights into the law, legal service or legal practice while not being primarily promotional?
    • Tell us about the content, craft and overall experience.

Regardless of the medium, we want all your nominations by 11:59 p.m. CT on Sunday. July 30, 2017.

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