Law Prof Outlines Four Things Baby Boomers Should Never Say to Millennials

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Baby boomers are full of advice for the younger generation. Some of it is just plain misguided, according to a law professor who blogs at Inside the Law School Scam.

Writing at Salon, University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos tells baby boomers to nix these pronouncements:

1) Education is priceless. Because of that kind of view, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed. Tuition at Campos’ law school, for example, is 30 times higher than in the early 1980s, when it was $1,000 a year, or $2,700 in inflation-adjusted dollars.

2) Follow your bliss. Many millennials would be quite happy to acquire pretty much any job that will support a modest middle-class lifestyle, Campos writes.

3) Get over your sense of entitlement and move to Nebraska. This advice was offered by a law school professor in a graduation speech, Campos says. Even in Nebraska, he says, there aren’t enough jobs for lawyers.

4) Network and intern. Networking only works, Campos says, when actual jobs are available. “The notion that millennials aren’t getting decent jobs because they’re not trying hard enough is one of the most obnoxious boomer beliefs,” he says.

“Of course, baby boomers didn’t choose to create a world full of highly educated young people who aren’t allowed to convert their talents into a decent way to make a living,” Campos writes. “But we should avoid enraging our youth by failing to grasp that this is indeed what our world has become.”

Hat tip to Above the Law.

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