Gloria Allred Sees a Method to Lindsay Lohan's Courtroom Attire Madness

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Lindsay Lohan’s courtroom fashion choices may not impress the judge considering charges of necklace theft against her, but it does serve another purpose, according to celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred.

“Rather than focusing on exactly why she’s in court, people talk up what she’s wearing,” Allred told the New York Times. “How she looks becomes the lead in the story; much farther down are the legal consequences of what she is facing because of her conduct.”

The Times describes Lohan’s courtroom outfits as “a succession of cleavage-baring shirts and clingy frocks” and includes pictures in a slide show entitled “Perp Walk or Catwalk?”

In March, Lohan sported a $725 tan leather dress and mock croc pumps, the newspaper notes. “But her look was demure,” the story says, “compared with the curve-clutching, thigh-high dress she wore to court in February, a white sheath so steamy it raised questions as to whether Ms. Lohan would cross and uncross her legs as she was questioned in an evident homage to Sharon Stone’s lurid star turn in the movie Basic Instinct.”

Allred tells her own clients that they should dress for court as if they were dressing for church. But several celebrities are apparently rejecting that kind of advice.

Paris Hilton pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession wearing a black pencil skirt and a wrap top “that plunged to her cleavage, its front pulled tight across her chest,” the story says. Naomi Campbell testified at a war crimes trial “sporting a lacquered beehive and a cardigan so snug it seemed tattooed to her chest,” the Times adds.

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