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Legal Blogger Sees Work-Life Balance from New Angle

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Legal blogger Elie Mystal has a message for all those people who say they have achieved work-life balance: Are you kidding me?

Mystal offered his thoughts at Above the Law while his 3-week-old son was sleeping in a rocker next to him. He confessed that it was difficult to focus on work and offered that, at most, he was “paying about 30 percent attention to what I’m writing.”

Mystal found it hard to believe that people want to spend 40 to 60 hours at the office, and then to spend as much of their “free time” as possible with their children. “It occurs to me that when people say ‘work/life balance,’ what they’re really talking about is doing as little stupid freaking work as possible so they can get back to things that they truly enjoy in their life,” he said.

Readers have to click to the second page of the post to see a photo of Mystal’s new bundle of joy/consternation.

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