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Possible O.J. Legal Fee is Half a Million

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If O.J. Simpson hires a Las Vegas lawyer to defend him on armed robbery charges, he’ll likely have to pony up about $500,000.

That’s the going rate in the city, according to one lawyer, the New York Post reports in a story that relies on wire reports. “Hopefully, he has some friends with money,” the lawyer said.

Simpson was allowed to keep two pensions and his Florida home. He receives $1,700 a month from the National Football League and more from past advertising and sports commentating.

Simpson has an outstanding civil judgment of $33.5 million for the death of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. He was acquitted of their murders in a criminal trial.

The Goldman family plans to file a court request today to obtain ownership of the sports memorabilia seized in the incident, the Associated Press reports.

“At the end of the case, the stuff will never go back to Mr. Simpson,” said David Cook, a lawyer for Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman. The items he is seeking include Simpson’s Hall of Fame certificate, a gold Rolex watch and the suit Simpson wore on the day he was acquitted.

Court TV anchor Lisa Bloom noted in CBS interview that Simpson is a “Teflon defendant” and says charges don’t stick to him.

Simpson’s other past run-ins with the legal system include an acquittal in a road rage incident, a $130 fine for speeding his power boat in a manatee zone, and a $33,678 judgment for pirating satellite TV signals, CBS News says.

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