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What class do you wish were offered at your law school?

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Bar exam prep classes have become part of the curriculum at some law schools—and positive results indicate those classes might be here to stay.

Belmont University College of Law in Nashville, Tennessee, started offering such a class. The school posted a 94 percent passage rate by its first-time takers on the July 2015 exam. Florida International University College of Law did, too, and recently posted a 89 percent passage rate.

FIU also offers a law practice management class, which—according to a 2014-2015 course catalog (PDF)—“focuses on all aspects of the formation, management, development and growth of a law firm, forms of partnership, licensing requirements, insurance, human resources and employment practice.”

This week, we’d like to ask you: What class do you wish were offered at your law school? A bar prep course to save you the extra expense after graduation? A course that would prepare you for the business aspects of a solo practice? Or a course in an emerging new field of law?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by EA: “I alternate during the day between a traditional desk and a motorized standing desk (which adjusts with up/down buttons). I love my standing desk—I no longer have lower back pain and my core is stronger because I have better posture.”

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