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Our podcast partners at Legal Talk Network were on the scene of the 2017 ABA Techshow in Chicago, recording interviews with attendees about how technology is changing the legal industry. To get the scoop on what some of our country’s legal innovators are thinking, check out episodes of Legal Talk Network’s On the Road podcast below.

Why Busy Lawyers Lack Focus

No matter how great of a lawyer you are, sometimes work can be overwhelming. Host Laurence Colletti talks to Heidi Alexander, a law practice management advisor at the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, and Vedia Jones-Richardson, a principal with Olive and Olive in Durham, North Carolina, about the importance of focus in the workplace, especially for legal professionals. They also discuss energy management, taking breaks regularly and signs that you may be overwhelmed.

Why Invest in Managed Service Providers?

How much time do you waste fixing (or even ignoring) computer issues? Host Laurence Colletti talks to Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMac IT, and Stanley Louissaint, president of Fluid Designs, about managed service providers and the role they play in a successful law firm. Their discussion includes explaining what MSPs do and what questions you should ask a MSP before hiring them.

Evolution of the Legal Industry with Mark Britton

New legal technology and innovative companies, like Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom, are slowly changing the legal industry. Host Christopher Anderson talks to Mark Britton, CEO of Avvo, about how law firms are becoming more customer-centric and using technology to do so. Their discussion includes how client needs are currently not being met by lawyers which will lead to a shift in how practices operate, namely turning to innovation and new ideas in order to keep customers coming back.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unbundled Legal Services

The practice of unbundling legal services is one most lawyers are hesitant to adopt. Host Sam Glover talks to Shantelle Argyle, co-founder of modest-means nonprofit law firm Open Legal Services, about how lawyers can unbundle their services and actually turn a profit. In their discussion, they explain the difference between limited scope and unbundled representation, why cost isn’t the only reason people don’t hire lawyers, and how to figure out pricing if you do decide to unbundle.

How to Pitch to the Media and get Exposure for Your Firm

So you want to get the name of your firm under as many eyes or into as many ears as possible. You know some sources that can accomplish this but what is the best way to approach them with a pitch? Host Laurence Colletti talks to Legal Talk Network CEO Adam Camras, ABA Journal Editor and Publisher Molly McDonough, Above the Law Redline Managing Editor Elie Mystal, and Lawyerist CEO and Editor-in-Chief Sam Glover about the best ways for lawyers to pitch to the media in order to get exposure for their firms. Some of their tips include being intentional about building relationships, knowing the publications you’re pitching to, and straight-up flattery.

Secure Your Legal Data!

New and improving technology, like voice-enabled software or the internet of things, are really cool and may help out at your law firm, but they also introduce a new need for security. Host Laurence Colletti talks to Sherri Davidoff, a founder at LMG Security, and John Simek, vice president of the digital forensics and security firm Sensei Enterprises, about keeping legal data secure. They talk about free ways to encrypt devices and emails, as well as promoting two-factor identification as an extra means of protection.

Behind the Scenes with Practice Management Software

Host Bob Ambrogi discusses the advantages of practice management software with Niki Black, legal technology evangelist at MyCase. They talk about the strengths of MyCase, the improved mobile app and the future of the company.

Use Performance Data to Improve Your Law Practice

Your law firm may be functioning, but could it be thriving? Host Lee Rawles talks to George Psiharis, vice president of business development at Clio, and Arizona family law attorney Billie Tarascio about how you can use performance data to improve your law practice. Their discussion includes what kind of information you can and should look for, the benefits of doing so, and the first steps you can take if you want to measure your stats, like checking out their trends report and determining what your problems are.

Essential Digital Tools for Growing Your Practice

You became a lawyer to practice law, not to write a blog about law. Blogging, however, is an important tool when marketing your firm. So how, as a lawyer, can you make this process more manageable? In this report from On The Road, host Lee Rawles talks to Tim Baran of Good2bSocial about essential DIY tools to market your legal practice. Because of the importance of content to email marketing, blogs and email campaigns may get your firm the attention it deserves (so you can practice more law).

Devil is in the Details

The speed and efficiency of your practice always has the potential for improvement. In this report from On The Road, host Christopher Anderson talks to Amani Smathers, a legal solutions architect at Davis Wright Tremaine – De Novo; and Gina Bongiovi, the owner of Bongiovi Law Firm in Las Vegas, about process mapping and how it can improve your legal business management. From understanding issues completely to identifying unrecognized waste, cleaning up your processes can lead to a more efficient law firm.

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