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Would Your Firm Encourage You to Blog?

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We hear constantly that blogging is the communication, marketing and client development tool of the here and now. Several of the featured bloggers at ABA TechShow this week have successful blogs.

Yet, not everyone has time to dream up an articulate, regularly updated blog.

This made us especially interested in complaints from one of the authors of Drug and Device Law blog. The author notes that while the blog is popular and well-read, his law firm is relatively unimpressed.

So we wondered …

Why would or wouldn’t you consider blogging? Also, if you do blog, what kind of support (or interference) do you get from your firm?

Answer in the comments below.

Read last week’s question and handful of answers about hypotheticals.

Our Favorite Answer From Last Week:

Posted by Jim Crockett: “This hypothetical question posed in a deposition of a scientific expert: ‘Assume a man. Like you, but not you. Same background. Same training. Same education. Same Facts. But not you. Would he reach the same conclusion as you?’”

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