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Women in the Law

Female lawyers still underrepresented, especially in partnership ranks; which law firms do best?

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with insurance fraud for allegedly hiring ex-client to kill him

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with disorderly conduct after walking the beach wearing movie serial killer costume

Constitutional Law

Dershowitz: Texas abortion bounty approach could be adopted in states that want to ban handgun ownership


Lawyer is censured for delaying treatment of her son after she accidentally shoots him


Judge is admonished after joining Facebook group calling for recall of reform-minded DA

Lawyer Wellness

This BigLaw firm says it’s the first to provide free and reduced-rate Peloton content to lawyers and staffers

Legal Education

National mean scaled score for August MBE slightly decreases compared to 2019


9th Circuit nominee is grilled over statement calling Kavanaugh ‘intellectually and morally bankrupt’

Criminal Justice

Pot smell didn’t provide probable cause for juvenile’s arrest, top state court says

Legal Rebels Podcast

Why an online legal marketplace has added tech companies and other alternative providers

ABA Abroad

Advocating for human rights for workers around the world is part of the ABA’s mission

Attorney General

AG Garland announces limits on federal monitors overseeing police department consent decrees

Entertainment & Sports Law

Sports gamblers tried their luck with courts long before betting became legal

Tort Law

Suppliers of unwashed poppy seeds face suits over overdose deaths and injuries

U.S. Supreme Court

Should federal officers get immunity for lies and beatings? SCOTUS is asked to decide

Mind Your Business

For immigration law, a perfect storm creates challenges and opportunities for firms

Privacy Law

Cops’ use of pole camera to surveil partly fenced property was unconstitutional, state supreme court rules

Legal History

DOJ relies on ruling against Eugene Debs in seeking to block Texas abortion law

Health Law

Will employer vaccine mandate survive? OSHA would act under little-used statutory provision

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