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Seattle Courthouse Gang Brawl Complexifies Murder Trial

As a trial began yesterday over an alleged gang slaying, Seattle police knew that a suspect being sought on a warrant was likely to be in the courtroom. So they…

Calif. Judge Stabbed By Defendant Is Physically Fine, Struggling Emotionally

Less than a week after being stabbed by the defendant in a murder case, a California judge is back on the job.

But San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Cinda…

Calif. Courtroom Melee: Defendant Stabs Judge, Is Shot Dead By Detective

Updated: A man at trial for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death was shot and killed in a Stockton, Calif., courtroom yesterday after he reportedly left the witness stand and…

Courthouse Security Could Be Victim of Declining Budgets

Budget problems caused by the economic downturn may delay improvements in courthouse security.

Interviews with several court officials revealed that “judicial security in states remains fragmented and uneven—and the bad…

Grand Jury Convened re Borrowed Courthouse Key

A Massachusetts prosecutor reportedly has enlisted the help of state police and a grand jury in investigating as a criminal matter whether a court security officer unlawfully entered her office…

2 Lawyers Attacked in Federal Court Melee

A defendant reportedly grabbed the hair of a senior narcotics prosecutor, yanked her to the floor and choked her yesterday, in a presentencing attack in a Brooklyn federal courtroom. A…

Congress Passes Court Security Law that Moves Seat to 9th Circuit

Congress has passed a court security law that moves one federal appellate seat from the D.C. Circuit to the 9th Circuit.

The extra 9th Circuit seat will be added on…

Destination: Capitol Hill

Bar leaders highlight four key issues as core of congressional blitz

Beyond The Bench

Rehnquist Proved an Astute Advocate of the Courts, But Some Wonder Whether His Successor Should Cut Back

Keeping It Safe

Measures Are Being Taken to Curb Violence Against Judges and Lawyers. But Will They Be Enough?