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Federal Circuit to Consider Patents for Business Methods Today

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will consider a case today that will help determine what kinds of business methods are eligible for patents.

The case, In…

Federal Circuit Rules for TiVo in Key DVR Case

In an important case involving “time-shifting” video recording technology, a federal appeals court has ruled that EchoStar Holding Corp. and Dish Network Corp. have been illegally using the software created…

Patent Pushback

The Federal Circuit gets the message, may be loosening patent protections

Infringement Anomaly: States Can Sue But Not Be Sued

A recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that preserves state immunity in patent suits—even if the state sues to enforce its own patents—is sparking…

Judge to White House: Save Those E-Mails!

Ruling on lawsuits brought by two private groups, a federal judge has ordered the White House to retain e-mail copies while the court system sorts out whether the Bush administration…

Families of Dead Iraqis Sue Blackwater

In an unusual effort to hold a private military contractor in Iraq civilly liable for alleged wrongdoing, the families of three dead Iraq civilians and one survivor of a recent…

Hearing Transcripts to Go Online

The policy-making arm of the nation’s federal courts voted today to make it easier for both lawyers and the public to access court materials.

For lawyers, the big news is…

Patent Ruling Favors Defendants

An en banc opinion by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit makes it more difficult to obtain triple damages for willful patent infringement.

The court

Court Criticizes, Lawyer Has No Remedy

An attorney whose conduct is criticized in a court ruling may have no right to intervene or sue to clear his name, at least in the Federal Circuit.

That’s the…

Drug-Price Law Overturned

An appeals court has struck down a Washington, D.C., law barring drug companies from charging excessive prices for prescription drugs.

The D.C. law didn’t define excessive pricing. But it said…

Last Resorts of Court

One date that’s on almost every federal judge’s calendar this summer is the meeting of his or her circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, at which trial and appellate…

Vonage Cites Patent Ruling, Seeks Retrial

Vonage Holdings is citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent patent ruling in a motion seeking a retrial of a patent infringement case.

Vonage filed the motion…

Court Denies ‘Lawyers.com’ Trademark

The legal publisher Reed-Elsevier Properties Inc. has lost in its effort to trademark “lawyers.com.”

Judges Rejects Padilla Torture Motion

A Miami federal judge is refusing to dismiss the government’s case against Jose Padilla, an alleged al-Qaida operative who says he was tortured in U.S. custody.

Stating the Obvious

Next Big Issue: Can an Invention Be Denied a Patent ‘Just Because It’s Stupid’?