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Jurist Cleared of Abortion-Case Ethics Charges

No basis has been found for ethics charges brought by abortion opponents against a state court judge in Sedgwick County, Kan.

District Judge Paul W. Clark had been accused of…

Vioxx Maker Wins Initial Round in Texas

A Texas judge has ruled that state juries may not decide whether Vioxx manufacturer Merck & Co. withheld information from the Food and Drug and Administration.

More Abortion Battles to Come

The fight over abortion moves to the states following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week upholding a ban on so-called partial birth abortion.

Copycat Va. Tech Threat Closes S.F. Law School

Shocked by Virginia Tech’s horrifying experience on Monday, other institutions of higher learning are now taking no chances about closing their campuses as soon as they hear of a possible…

Laws Restrict Actions Against Troubled Students

Federal laws generally prevent universities from placing students on involuntary medical leave for mental illness and from informing their parents of their problems without consent, the New York Times reports.

Appeals Court Lowers Fee Award

A federal appeals court has lowered a fee award for attorneys who won changes in the way Medicare notifies recipients about dropped or reduced benefits for home health care.


Acne Drug Maker on Trial in Midwest

The first trial against the maker of acne drug Accutane opens today in Madison County, Ill., the National Law Journal reports.

Jason Christopher Peipert claims Accutane…

$1 Billion Diet Drug Case Settles

Houston plaintiffs lawyer John O’Quinn has settled a case against the makers of a diet drug that originally resulted in a $1 billion verdict, Texas Lawyer reports.

Against Mom’s Wishes, Chemo Ordered for Boy

In a case that pits a parent’s right to decide what is best for a child against the state’s interest in protecting children from harm and the medical profession’s judgment…

Texas’ Futile-Treatment Law challenged

Lawyers for 17-month-old Emilio Gonzales persuaded a Texas judge yesterday to order an extension of life support for the terminally ill child.

A Texas hospital wants to shut off the…

Seeking the Cure

With Health Care Fraud Rampant, States Are Urged to Pass Their Own False Claims Acts, But Foes Warn of Windfalls for Plaintiffs Lawyers

Wrong Remedy

ABA Testimony Voices Concerns About ‘Health Court’ Proposals in Congress

Personalized Prescriptions

Legal Actions Will Help Determine the Success of Using Genetics to Improve Drug Treatments

A Good Team

ABA, CDC Focus on Legal Aspects of Responding to Public Health Emergencies

Preparing for the Worst

Working Together Will Help Both Government and Private Companies to Weather Disasters

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