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$1 Billion Diet Drug Case Settles

Houston plaintiffs lawyer John O’Quinn has settled a case against the makers of a diet drug that originally resulted in a $1 billion verdict, Texas Lawyer reports.

Against Mom’s Wishes, Chemo Ordered for Boy

In a case that pits a parent’s right to decide what is best for a child against the state’s interest in protecting children from harm and the medical profession’s judgment…

Texas’ Futile-Treatment Law challenged

Lawyers for 17-month-old Emilio Gonzales persuaded a Texas judge yesterday to order an extension of life support for the terminally ill child.

A Texas hospital wants to shut off the…

Seeking the Cure

With Health Care Fraud Rampant, States Are Urged to Pass Their Own False Claims Acts, But Foes Warn of Windfalls for Plaintiffs Lawyers

Wrong Remedy

ABA Testimony Voices Concerns About ‘Health Court’ Proposals in Congress

Personalized Prescriptions

Legal Actions Will Help Determine the Success of Using Genetics to Improve Drug Treatments

A Good Team

ABA, CDC Focus on Legal Aspects of Responding to Public Health Emergencies

Preparing for the Worst

Working Together Will Help Both Government and Private Companies to Weather Disasters

No Longer Immune

Court Opens Door to Cases Claiming Link Between Autism and Vaccine Preservative

Numbers Crunch

ABA Says Proposed Funding Formula Would Limit Legal Services for AIDS Patients

A Painful Way to Die?

Once Called Humane, Lethal Injection Is Now Claimed To Be Cruel and Unusual

A Matter Over Mind

The Supreme Court Is Poised to Review the Insanity Defense, an Issue That Has Confounded Courts, Psychiatrists and Lawyers

Again, It’s Abortion

New High Court Hears a Decades-Old Issue, May Decide How Settled It Really Is

Science Experiment

Industries Are Using a Landmark Case and a 2001 Law to Block Regulation, Critics Say

The Avian Flu Time Bomb

The Legal System Will Play a Key Role in Planning the Response to a Possible Onslaught of the Virus

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