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One World, One Profession

Shared Principles of Independent Judiciary, Access to Justice Bind Lawyers of the World

Bench Learners

The Judiciary’s Changing Role Sparks Hotter Topics for CLE Courses

Private Lives

More Judges Are Keeping Juries Anonymous, but Others Are Worrying About Accountability

Unintended Consequences

Speakers Say Proposed Rule Might Limit Involvement by Judges in Legal Groups

The Force of E-Filing

The Move Toward Digital Documents Is Slow, Confusing—and Inevitable

Picking Up the Pieces

Gulf Coast Courts Rode Out the Storm—Now They’re Struggling to Come Back

Flying Under the Radar

These Little-Notices Legal Developments Could be Making News This Year

The Race on Roberts

ABA Committee Members Wore Their Running Shoes to Vet Court Nominee

Hail to the Chief

Former Law Clerks for William Rehnquist Recall What They Learned and How He Touched Their Lives

Beyond The Bench

Rehnquist Proved an Astute Advocate of the Courts, But Some Wonder Whether His Successor Should Cut Back

A Serious Evaluation

Standing Committee on Federal Judiciary Adheres to a Fair, Impartial Review Process

Playing by the Rule of Law

Serbia Has to Show It’s Serious About Judicial Independence to Gain Entry into the European Union

Judges in the Culture Wars Crossfire

The ‘Least Dangerous Branch’ Is Becoming the Most Vilified Branch. A High-Profile Panel Debates Whether the Criticism Threatens Judicial Independence.

Cases & Controversies

Some Decisions Are All the Rage–Literally

House Guests

ABA Delegates Hear About Judiciary Issues

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