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Judge in Pot Case Takes Leave

A Florida judge who was arrested for smoking pot in a park is taking an indefinite leave of absence.

Broward County Judge Lawrence Korda told his supervisor yesterday that he…

Questioning Conventional Behavior

Judge’s suit sparks state lawmakers to study New York’s backroom selection process

February 5, 1937

FDR Unveils Court Packing Plan

Next Stop, House of Delegates

Proposed revisions to ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct are ready for a vote

Getting Out the ‘No’ Vote

South Dakota Bar Director Seeks Defeat of Initiative Permitting Suits Against Judges

Asylum Ordeals

Some Immigrants Are ‘Ground to Bits’ in a System That Leaves Immigration Judges Impatient, Appellate Courts Irritated and Lawyers Frustrated

The Big Bopper

This Terre Haute Lawyer Is Exploding the Canons of Judicial Campaign Ethics

Not Ready Yet

Groups Seeks More Time to Nail Down Proposed Changes to Model Judicial Code

A Call to Arms

Federal Laws Are Marginalizing the Nation’s Lawyers and Judges

One World, One Profession

Shared Principles of Independent Judiciary, Access to Justice Bind Lawyers of the World

Bench Learners

The Judiciary’s Changing Role Sparks Hotter Topics for CLE Courses

Private Lives

More Judges Are Keeping Juries Anonymous, but Others Are Worrying About Accountability

Unintended Consequences

Speakers Say Proposed Rule Might Limit Involvement by Judges in Legal Groups

The Force of E-Filing

The Move Toward Digital Documents Is Slow, Confusing—and Inevitable

Picking Up the Pieces

Gulf Coast Courts Rode Out the Storm—Now They’re Struggling to Come Back

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