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Another Big Defense Win in Paint Case

Now is apparently the time to be a defense lawyer representing a paint manufacturer in big-bucks litigation over injuries allegedly caused by lead-based products manufactured decades ago.

Hard on the…

NYC Jurors Decide: Was Scheme to Portray Fiction as Non-Fiction a Scam?

Was a literary hoax a fraud? That is the question a federal jury in New York City began deciding today, in a case brought by a movie production company to…

Sentencing Guidelines ‘Here to Stay’

A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday reinforces the impact of sentencing guidelines, deemed to be advisory in an opinion two years ago.

The court held that appeals courts…

Decline & Fall

As the golden age of consumer class actions ends, the question now is whether they have any future

Judge v. Jury

Forget what you know about who’s more likely to convict

States Don’t See ‘Vanishing Trials’

State courts conduct about 149,000 jury trials each year, a number that calls into question reports that trials are vanishing on a widespread basis.

A Peek into the Jury Room

Study shows how jurors use questions, judge lawyers

Getting Out the ‘No’ Vote

South Dakota Bar Director Seeks Defeat of Initiative Permitting Suits Against Judges

Tort Reform Texas Style

New Laws and Med-Mal Damage Caps Devastate Plaintiff and Defense Firms Alike

Rogue Jurors

Jurors With an Agenda Can Batter Justice, and Experts Fear There Are More Than We Suspect

Churning up the Jury Pool

Massachusetts Case Renews Debate About Minority Representation on Federal Juries

Flying Under the Radar

These Little-Notices Legal Developments Could be Making News This Year

Lawyers Must Defend Judges, Juries

Lately, Judicial Independence Is Validated by Rulings but Questioned by Individuals

The Verdict on Juries

More States Are Adopting Jury Reforms, Freeing Jurors to Take Notes and Ask Questions. But Some Judges Are Slow to Embrace the Changes.

Breaking Barriers

ABA Committee Vets and Revises Proposals for Jury Standards

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