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Second state adopts ABA model rule barring discrimination and harassment by lawyers

Maine has adopted an ABA model rule that bars discrimination and harassment by lawyers.

Maine is the second state to adopt Rule 8.4(g) of the ABA Model Rules of Professional…

How the Americans with Disabilities Act could change the way the nation’s jails and prisons treat addiction

Before Geoffrey Pesce got on methadone, his addiction to heroin and oxycodone nearly destroyed him: He lost his home, his job, custody of his son—and his driver’s license. So even after he began to rebuild his life, Pesce relied on his parents to drive him to a methadone clinic for his daily dose. One day last July, his mother was unexpectedly unavailable, and desperate not to relapse, he drove himself.

FBI asks Google to turn over data on all users who were close to robbery locations

The FBI has asked Google for location data on anyone close in time and location to robberies in Virginia and Maine.

The FBI’s “reverse location” orders could ensnare anyone who…

JDs from middle-ranked schools in states with many public colleges may give best investment return

Between 2010 and 2014, net tuition declined the most at middle-ranked law schools, due to merit scholarship patterns associated with maintaining or improving rankings, according to a law review article by Jerome M. Organ, which looks at variable returns on investing in a law degree.

Probate judge accused of slowing docket because of denied pay raise wins class-action appeal

Maine’s highest court has ruled against a woman seeking guardianship of her grandchild who filed a would-be class action against a part-time probate judge accused of slowing his docket after…

Court security officer is accused of emailing photo of defense lawyer’s notes to prosecutor

A court security officer in Augusta, Maine, has been placed on paid leave pending an internal investigation into allegations that he took a cellphone photo of a defense lawyer’s notes…

Lawyer accused of sexting appointed client gets interim suspension

A Maine lawyer accused of sexting a client he was appointed to represent in several criminal cases has received an interim suspension while a disciplinary case is pending against him.

Prosecutor’s feigned sleep during defense closing didn’t create prejudicial error, court says

Maine’s top court has refused to overturn a murder conviction in a case where the prosecutor admitted he likely tried to annoy the defense lawyer by feigning sleep during his…

Told to give up gun after shooting alleged burglar, disabled tenant sues landlord

A former Maine lobsterman has sued his landlord, after shooting an intruder at his government-subsidized Rockland apartment earlier this year and being told he must give up his gun or…

City to pay $175K in legal costs for ACLU’s successful suit against panhandling law

A successful challenge of a panhandling law by the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine will cost the city of Portland $175,000 in legal expenses, in addition to the cost…

Man is accused of posing as elderly man and attacking lawyer with electrified cane

A former child-custody litigant is accused of posing as an elderly man and using a cane with a built-in shocking device last Thursday to assault a Maine lawyer involved in…

Lawyer who blamed difficulties of solo practice for mistakes in brief won’t get a third chance

A lawyer who blamed destroyed computer files for errors in a first brief and the pressures of solo practice for errors in the second is not getting a third chance.

Did robbery defendant forfeit right to an attorney? Top state court to decide

Joshua Nisbet didn’t want to represent himself in a Maine robbery trial.

But a state court judge said he had to do so because he couldn’t get along with the…

Court: Governor was wrong about veto opportunity; 65 bills are now law

Maine Gov. Paul LePage will implement 65 laws he intended to block after the state’s top court ruled against his veto views in an advisory opinion, according to a spokeswoman.

Did Maine governor flub pocket veto? Misstep will allow 19 bills to become law, Democrats say

Nineteen bills may become law in Maine despite opposition by Republican Gov. Paul LePage because he botched an attempt at a pocket veto, according to some Democrats and the…

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