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McElhaney on Litigation

98 ABA Journal McElhaney on Litigation articles.

Blind Spots

You Don’t Have to Know Every Answer During Cross-Examination

Difficult Clients

Sometimes, You Must Choose Between Giving Them Lots of TLC and Showing Them the Door

Tough Call

Despite the Dangers, There Can Be Benefits to Putting a Defendant on the Stand

Subduing The Snarl

Pit Bull Approach Undermines the Higher Aspirations of Law Practice

No Time To Waste

The First 30 Seconds Are Your Best Chance to Sway Judge and Jury

Great Arguments

Don’t Tell the Judge and Jury What to Think Use Your Closing to Give Them What They Need to Make Up Their Own Minds

The Tangle

A Disorganized Team Won’t Be Able to Focus Effectively on Key Issues in the Case

Bite Your Tongue

It Might Hurt, But Not as Much as Saying Something That Could Harm Your Case