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McElhaney on Litigation

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Speaking of Liars

Showing That a Witness Is Untruthful Carries More Power than Just Saying It

Don’t be an Evidence Cop

Object When You Should, Not Just to Show That You Can

The Play is the Thing

Organize Your Case as a Story That Shows the Jury Why Your Client Should Win

Way to Go—Too Far

Sometimes Pushing Your Case to the Limit Knocks It Right Off a Cliff

The Beauty Contest

Poise on the Runway and Descriptive Terms Will Take You Farther Than Hardball Tactics

Learn to Do Without

A Missing Witness Doesn’t Always Mean a Lost Case

The Tangled Web

Lawyers Who Aren’t Careful About Where They’re Going Can Wind Up in a Trap

Be Careful in the Woodshed

Preparing a Witness to Testify Can Have Consequences You Didn’t Expect

Matters of Timing

Consider the “When” as Well as the “What” in Planning Your Trial Strategy

Spotting the Losers

Sometimes the Best Way to Handle a Case Is Not at All

Clean Up Your Mess

A Case Full of Clutter Won’t Look Very Good to the Jury

Planning Impeachment

Be Ready to Accomplish More Than Just Catching a Witness in a Lie

A Client’s Own Worst Enemy

When the Person You Represent Behaves Badly, It Makes Your Job a Whole Lot Harder

The Right Words

The Language You Choose to Argue Your Case Can Help Make it a Winner

Channeling Discovery

The Path to Winning the Case Follows Your Efforts During Pretrial

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