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McElhaney on Litigation

98 ABA Journal McElhaney on Litigation articles.

The Plain Truth: Go for Simple Words if You Want to Communicate Effectively

Better Never than Late: Fix the Problem If You’re Always Running Behind in Your Work

Don’t Be Seduced: Falling in Love with Your Case Means You Won’t See Its Shortcomings

Good Memories: Use the Right Words to Help the Jury Remember Key Facts of Your Case

Direct Answers: Examining a Witness Is Telling a Story—So Make It a Good One

Finding Your Why: Present Your Case So That It Fits What the Jury Wants to Believe

Order in the Court: Fear Is the Biggest Obstacle to Effectively Organizing Your Case

See It Now: Past Events Seem More Real When They’re Described in Present Tense

More Than Just Words: This Is What It Really Means to Talk Like a Lawyer

Enter Angus: His Initial Words of Wisdom Focus on Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses

No Laughing Matter: Failing the Giggle Test Might Leave You Crying

The Burden of Reasonable Doubt: When a Standard Designed to Protect Defendants Actually Hurts Them

Play by the Rules: There Is a Right Way to Make Objections

It’s a Gift: Evasive Witnesses Are Doing You a Favor if You Know to Take Advantage

Experts Will Tell You a Lot in Depositions if You Ask the Right Questions

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