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McElhaney on Litigation

98 ABA Journal McElhaney on Litigation articles.


Why witnesses do it, and how to make them stop

Meet Mongo

Unleashing your inner beast in court hurts you, not the other side

The Power of Plain Talk

Legalese just gets in the way of effective communication

Put Out the Fire

Keep your case files up to date if you don’t want to get burned

Listen, Don’t Talk

In voir dire, potential jurors can tell you a lot about your case

Give Chronology a Timeout

Organize your evidence so it will have the most impact with the jury

No More Gravy Train

In a changing law practice environment, who’s really the enemy?

When the Judge Is the Jury

Your goals don’t change in a bench trial, but your techniques should

The Arsenal of Persuasion

Make your closing argument a really good story

Conflict Management

Create some tension to tell your story of the case more effectively

Put Away the Accordion

A well-organized trial notebook keeps your case close at hand

Persuasive Cross-Examination

Juries don’t like it when you cross over from tough to just plain nasty

On Good Behavior

A witness who speaks simply and directly looks pretty good to a jury

Persuasive Direct

The less you sound like a lawyer, the better off you’ll be

Organizing the Case

Plan a good story, and start telling it to the jury in your opening statement

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