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Dirty Dozen: 12 Ways to Write a Really Bad Brief

You’re a Lawyer Now, So You Can Stop Sounding Like One

That’s a Good One: Effective Trial Lawyers Know How to Tell a Good Story

Think of Yourself as the First Witness the Jury Will Hear in Your Case

Strong Words: A Sense of Injustice Can Empower a Jury to Undo a Wrong for Your Client

Listen to What You Write: Your Ears Will Tell You if You’re Communicating Ideas Effectively

Keeping Out of a Hole: It’s a Lot Easier to Avoid Problems Than to Fix Them

Lawyer Fatigue

When jurors are wary of lawyers, it’s prudent to throttle down

Killing Your Case with Clutter

Too many details can keep you from telling a really good story

It’s All About You

Use cross-exam to get their witness to agree to your version of the case

Lasting Impressions

Choose your words carefully to help the jury remember your case

Keep It Simple

Direct examination is no time for convoluted questions

Think Big

Identify the key to your case, then make sure everyone knows what it is

Greed Is Not Good

The problem isn’t just asking for too much, but how you try to get it

Closing Theme

Final argument is the last chance to make your story convincing

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