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McElhaney on Litigation

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Legal Writing That Works

Persuasive briefs are the product of tough choices about substance, style

Putting the Case Together

Focus on the elements necessary to tell a convincing story to the jury

Themes That Strike a Chord

Your central idea of the case works best if jurors believe they thought of it first

The Power of the Proper Mindset

During cross-examination, the real witness is you

Putting on a Good Face

There are ways to help the jury see beyond your big client’s nasty image

No Place for Fights

Too much squabbling in discovery takes your focus off trial preparation

Persuasive Organization

Carve Out a Path That the Jury Will Follow Through the Thicket of Your Case

Telling It to the Judge

A Good Story Is the Best Vehicle for Showing the Strengths of Your Case

Cross-Exam Surprises

If You Don’t Look for Them, They Can Blow Up in Your Face

Deposition Traps

You May Not Realize You Fell in Until You’re Getting Devoured at Trial

The Big Idea

The Story of Your Case Is Stronger When It’s Built on a Compelling Theme

Hunt for the Winning Story

Use Discovery to Build a Case That Appeals to the Jury’s Sense of Justice

Oops, My Fault

Ultimately, It’s Your Mistakes That Help the Other Side’s Case

Focusing a Deposition

If You Know What You’re After, You’ll Probably Learn Even More

Story Line

Write Briefs That Use the Facts to Establish Your Theme of the Case

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